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    May 20, 2003, 3:28 p.m.
    winamp wma output plugin


    “WMA codec was never installed” – so why can’t I include size=”1″>

    Is this mp3?

    Well, I don’t care if there is no WMA codec, I usually never play WMA files. But not every time I play a game from a file (mostly an mp3) I get this error message which actually says “WMA codec not installed, get body at


    “. So I looked around, they found a site with a codec, installed it, and hence the error is still there.

    I’m confused.


    Windowsamp 2.64

    Windows Media Player 9 via WinXP (if applicable)

    + WMA download


    This may be strange. I searched from you to get the “what am I playing” script, everything was fine, it worked fine, and I realized that this plugins bit was the only Winamp component that I did not have correctly in the triple (fault-free) years i used it. And I finally got to the “Output” section and there at the moment is “Nullsoft WMA Output Plugin” v0.90. “[CODEC NOT INSTALLED]”.

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  • Well, I don’t care that there is no WMA codec, I never play WMA files. But no, every time I go to play something (mostly mp3’s) it gives enough reason for this error message “WMA codec is not only installed, it’s usable


    “. I searched the forum, found a link to a very good codec, installed it, but the error remained.

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      winamp wma output plugin

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