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    Over the past few days, some of our users have reported encountering siebel debugging flags.

    Siebel Tools>How to debug script performance in Siebel Tools

    First we need to help you navigate to Siebel Tools -> View -> Options -> Debugging

    and specifically “Enable Profiler”. This currently activates the “Set Line Profile Rules” button. On the


    Click the Set Line Profile Rules button.

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  • 1. Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • 2. Launch the program and select your language
  • 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your computer for problems

  • Select an object here = enter “Application”. I chose the Business Name component as the name of the object, i.e. H-actions.

    My function is currently set to Buscomp_Preinvokemethod.

    You can select values ​​to debug.

    siebel debug flags

    Now you need to launch the Siebel Tools debugger. After launching the debugger, select View->Profiler->Tree Call.

    The Call Tree option is disabled until Siebel Tools starts debugging.

    Performance script coming soon to Siebel Tools

    See this link for more details

    Setting Up A Local Test In Siebel Local Debugging Mode

    In order to test all your changes locally, we need totripledebug setting in tools to be able to run any thick client. Go to toolsClick View->Options, open the dialog boxopens, then click the “Debug” tabwhat it looks like, you will find a screenshot.

    cfg file
    siebel debug flags

    -Give clients marked CFG path, make sure you have local userThe path is specified in the file.


    – DeployPurpose of the Internet Explorer executable

    Working directory

    It is usually located in the BIN folder of the You can also think about BIN ENU below if the item is not working.

    Enter USERNAME and PASSWORD and select Local as the data source.


    For the first time you get the paths entered in this dialog thoughfield below.Executable -Give the client the exact pathname of the Siebel.File exe, usually the one actually located in the client’s folder.your object.cfg file

    -Specify CFG client path with filenames, make sure your client can be localThe path is specified in the corresponding file.

    browserswork managerThis

    usually in my BIN folderinside the client. You can try ENU BIN below if it doesn’t work.

    PS: make sure you compile your setup in a .srf file.(local srf) which is known in the client cfg specified in debugsettings.Settings adapted toTRACE SQL, TRACE FLAGS and ERROR FLAGS may be required from the GUI or outside the command line when starting a new large EIM task.
    If the eim process is likely to be run from a graphical user interface, the flags in the FEATURES QUERY SETTINGS list can be set anywhere in the FEATURES QUERY view on the Enterprise Operations screen.
    If the EIM process is executed with the timely command, the command flags can remain set to migrate the EIM task, as shown in the following example:

    srvrmgr /g siebelserver /e AspireEnt753 /s SIEBELSERVER /u sadmin /p sadmin /c “Run task for compound eim with config=<>,Errorflags=1,Sqlflags=8,Traceflags=3 : Problems with tasks can replace component-level event logging to organize additional information.Formations in a magazine. In Siebel, options can be set at the Enterprise, Server, Component Definition, Slave, Named System and Server Components, and Task level, depending on the fact that a higher setting set at a lower level can override the same set of options at a higher level.

    Error flags. By setting these error flags to the appropriate levels, you can get perfect detail on comment lines that will not be processed successfully.

    By setting the task parameter “Error Flags” to Medium 1, a detailed description of the cause of each error can be included in the target log during processing.

    SQL trace flags. The SQL Trace Flags option is used to log the SQL code that executes the statements for the EIM task.

    If you set SQL Trace Flags to 8, any type of log of the summary SQL statements that make up task-eim will be generated. Since this greatly hinders the normal day-to-day operation of EIM and creates a large log catalog, this option is recommended for close environments. The lower markups used for the SQL debug flags (1, only two, and 4) are for portability at the ODBC level.

    Trace flags. The trace log contains flag logs for various stages of EIM management. Starting with Siebel 7.x, event logging must be configured to find the EIM component to run trace flags.SettingEvent

    For logging, the following sequence of actions must be followed:
    1. Click the Server Screen Delivery tab.
    2. In the Show drop-down list, select a component.
    3. Select Enterprise Integration Manager as the shared component.
    4. Click Configure Component Events.
    5. Run a simple query and enter log level values ​​for:
    SQL trace –> 4
    SQL Summary –> 4
    Task settings –> 4
    Component Tracking –> 3

    Trace flags have been found to be bit-based. Available trace flags include specific, 2, 4, 8, and 32. To enable multiple trace flags, the trace flags parameter must be set to the sum of each search flag number. For example, to keep track of flagsFirewood traces 2 and 4, the new trace flags parameter should be set to 6.

    Set the trace flags if you wish 1. If the trace flags setting is set to 1, a step-by-step log is generated for the tasks. In general, this can be used to determine the time that EIM spends on each step of an EIM job or on processing each individual interface table.

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    Siebel Debug Vlaggen
    Indicateurs De Debogage Siebel
    Flagi Debugowania Siebel
    Sinalizadores De Depuracao Do Siebel
    Siebel Debug Flaggor
    Flagi Otladki Siebel
    시벨 디버그 플래그
    Flag Di Debug Siebel
    Siebel Debug Flags