Over the past few days, some of our readers have reported that lotro DirectX 10 is not available.

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    No Other DirectX 10/11 Graphics Options? Solution. . .

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    Maybe ssg will think about “inserting” all the posts below. . .

    The company only introduces “DirectX9”, the “Graphics Hardware Level” option in the game settings.

    The current installation of lotro constantly fails to install the DirectX runtime, although it usually does. This leaves a clean install of LotRO on Windows installations that do not show DirectX 10/11 compatible hardware. Size=”3″>Reduce

    Older systems may already contain DirectX runtimes from other games.

    Those affected must install the Microsoft Direct-X runtime themselves. Yes, this company is installed even on Windows X64 10.

    Then equipment with DirectX 10/11 should be constantly recognized by LotRO on the second start.

    (Although not necessary in my case, you may also want/need to delete this userpreferences.ini file in the user’s “documentsthe Rings Online” directory, or even the entire directory. .but if you can do the latter, you will have to reconfigure the game, traditional layouts, etc.)

    Unresolved issue
    SSG might want to, if you have to think about it, restore this functionality in a custom installer that still says it tries to install DirectX runtimes (but apparently fails).

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    Thank You Very Much!

    Why can’t I enable DirectX 10 or DirectX 11 in games?

    If you are sure that your Ultimate System meets the criteria for DirectX 10 or 11 graphics capabilities in games, but does not useIf you are prompted to activate and your current setting is “greyed out” in the options, you may be running one or more game files in the latest “compatibility mode” and most likely for many operating systems that do not support DX10/11 (e.g. Windows XP ).

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    I just received a refreshing laptop this morning because I will indeed be away from home a lot for the foreseeable future. I only returned to LOTRO after four or five years, and now I’m doing other things. I got so into gaming again that I thought I’d buy the latest laptop to keep me active. Anyway, I opened the box, updated Nvidia GForce Experience, updated my drivers (RTX 2070) and then implemented LotRO. I loaded the game completely without problems, but the resolution was garbled, I noticed that DirectX9 was greyed out. As soon as I tried to change the resolution, the game closed with an error message saying that the fatal error was something DirectX9. Now I tried the mentioned update, but while installing DirectX I got a different error message saying that I have to pay for the DirectXrun folder in the OS (or something like that). I just couldn’t get it to work, I was very discouraged to say the least. I’m not computer savvy except for extreme basics. Well, I did not understand the methods, so IMy favorite mainstream PC (i5, Ram, 16g RTS2060) could run LotRO without problems, as could my new laptop (well, not without the fix above).

    Does Lord of the Rings Online work on Windows 10?

    The Lord of the Rings Online™ The version of LoTRO that exists on Steam directly depends on an outdated version of the C++ Redistributable Package, which is no longer available after Windows 10. So if you’re smart and upgraded to Windows 10, don’t do it. . Do not download games from Steam.

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    How do I enable DirectX11 in LOTRO on Windows 10?

    Try this: Ok, I found the solution. Go to the “Documents” directory, then to LOTRO. Open UserPreference64.ini and find DisplayAdapter, if it shows = 0 just set it = 1, save the form and open the game again, And then I got prompt for DirectX11.

    Can’t play LOTRO on Windows 10?

    LOTRO is used with dx 11 and 10 Windows 10. Read them to see if there are any bug reports showing the issue. – Try the repair option in the LOTRO game launcher. Look in the options menu under the “Repair” tab. Then click the Restore button.

    How to fix the direct 3D error in Lotro?

    Run “dxdiag” in command prompt with Cortana search bar and check for errors in Direct 3D. In all LOTRO launchers, find “Options”, go to the “Recovery” tab and set “Study” to “Reset game display design”, click “OK”. Exit the launcher and restart the launcher, log in and examine the options there, go to the screen and click on the option “Determine optimal settings”.

    Lotro Directx 10 Non Disponibile
    Lotro Directx 10 Niedostepny
    Lotro Directx 10 Nicht Verfugbar
    Lotro Directx 10 No Disponible
    Lotro Directx 10 Non Disponible
    Lotro Directx 10을 사용할 수 없습니다
    Lotro Direktks 10 Nedostupen
    Lotro Directx 10 Inte Tillganglig
    Lotro Directx 10 Niet Beschikbaar